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thepoetrating's Journal

which poet are you?; the rating community.
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Have you ever wanted to be a poet or at least know which one your like, now you can be rated by fellow members to see which poet you'd really suit.


1. You must join to post so that means do not post anonymously.

2. Please post the survey found below and at least one picture if possible. LJ-cuts are needed.

3. In the subject line of your survey post put "Come drink tea with me" so I know you read the rules.

4. No nudity or flaming other members, I may remove you from the community.

5. Just because a girl wants to know which poet she is doesn't mean that you have to pick the girl poets as a vote.

6. Votes must be bolded!

7. You do not have to be stamped to vote, if you vote they'll probably vote you back.

8. You will get up to three days to be voted on, afterwards I will stamp you.


Sylvia Plath - Lost, confused, and emotional.
Emily Dickinson - Ladylike and proper.
EE Cummings - Simplicity, childlike and unique.
Edger Allan Poe - Dark, depressing, and cynical.
William Shakespeare - Passionate and romantic.
Robert Frost - Rugged, tough and lover of outdoors.
Lewis Carroll - Different, creative, and fantasy poet.
Maya Angelou - Independent, brave, and caring.
Charlotte Bronte - Polite, neat, and ladylike.

Stamps and List

Click here for the full list.